• May 22, 2013
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • FortisBC Conference Centre, 1111 W. Georgia St
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Employee engagement is not a new concept, but it’s certainly a major trend as companies anxiously look for ways to create a more productive and loyal workforce.
But how do you make people feel engaged?  Is it a carrot or stick thing, and how do you know which to use when?

BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement company and is the leader in the discipline of Behavioural Economics.  This is the study of emotional, social and cognitive factors that result in decisions the individuals in your team make.  And how to affect those decisions.

If your people aren’t already 100 percent aligned with your corporate goals and values and aren’t already working to their fullest capacity, what will inspire them to do so?
Is everyone on your team being rational about their objectives?  Are you?
What are the three things you can do to create the results that both your company and your team is looking for?

For this and much more – get up early on May 22 - and prepare to have more skills to produce a high commitment, high performance team by the time you leave.


Andrew Clark     

Andrew Clark is the President of BI WORLDWIDE Canada a division of BI WORLDWIDE a leader in behavioural economics & engagement.   We produce measureable results for our clients by driving and sustaining engagement with employees, channel partners and consumers.  In his leadership role, a primary focus is to develop employee engagement, strategies and solutions that change the behaviours of employees to align with our customers’ business objectives.

Andrew has spoken around the world and been actively engaged in channel, employee and consumer engagement for the past 25 years.  Holding a range of senior management positions in a variety of locations throughout Canada, Andrew Clark started his career in the ski industry in Alberta. Subsequently he worked in the hospitality & travel industry across Canada and around the world leading international market development teams in; the U.S. Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, UK, France and Germany, India, and Brazil.

At BI WORLDWIIDE We believe that recognition is a powerful tool in helping employees become and remain engaged in their work. Employee engagement, as defined in a recent Towers Perrin survey, “is the extent to which employees “go the extra mile” and put discretionary effort into their work undefined contributing more of their energy, creativity and passion on the job.” Learn how companies can create a high performance culture with employees around the world using recognition as a strategic engagement tool.

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